Heart Blog

HeartBlogI have been thinking a lot about heart topics lately. So many aspects of heart have value. We can’t have life without heart in all its forms—the vital cardiac pump, the love and care among us, and the many expressions of centeredness.

For inspiration and guidance, I read other blogs for their authors’ thoughts on things related to heart. Several resonate with me, and one stands out—the Dr. John M Blog at drjohnm.org. It is written by Doctor John Mandrola, a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist in Louisville, Kentucky. He diagnoses and treats people with heart rhythm disorders. And he has a special connection to them—he has a heart rhythm issue, too. Continue reading

Gratitude and the Heart

gratefulheartI have been reading about gratitude. It has been a weak area for me for a while. I find myself quick to grouse and whine, so my personal antidote is learning new ways to boost my overall thankfulness. I need a more grateful heart.

Apparently, each year when fall arrives and some days are gloomy, I am too. I need to improve my gratitude attitude. Focusing significant energy there can lift my heart and my spirits back up to where I want them to be.  Continue reading

Heart Healing

WoundedHeart2All of us experience the “slings and arrows” and “bullets” life sometimes sends our way. Our hurts are not always physical—we feel real emotional pain sometimes. That is true for everyone, and it has always been thus.

No one escapes disappointments—job-loss sadness, job-seeking struggles, lost health, or friendship, or love are just a few. When life fails our expectations, our hearts can ache. Really bad! Sometimes it even feels like these situations blast holes in the heart.  Continue reading