Heart-Filled Memories

IRememberDadHeartToday, for no-particular reason, I started thinking about dear people who have given me heart-filled gifts of learning. One was Dad. He was a teacher by profession, a leader by nature, and a life-long supporter of learning—and he walked the talk.

In his more than 90 years, Dad never stopped learning—and his example inspired many. He celebrated, promoted, and advocated continuous learning/schooling for everyone—everyone was blest by his enthusiasm for education. Continue reading

Heart and Music

PhillyPOPSpicThis holiday season has uplifted me. It fed the stuff of my soul. Now, as I resume my usual day-to-day activities without lights and bells and gift-giving, I’ve been pondering heart-filled experiences I’ve enjoyed recently.

One was participating in several meetings with caring professional people who work tirelessly to ensure our country is safe and protected from things that can cause harm. It’s rewarding to contribute my efforts to this brilliant and dedicated group—it brought music to my heart. Continue reading

Heart at Holiday Time

December2015HeartCalendarIt is late December and the world is decorated with lights, wreaths, and boughs of holly. It’s also dressed up with menorah candles, Yule logs, and Kwanzaa decorations—in it’s in its best attire for the holidays. Soon it will bring in the new year with snow and signs blazing Happy New Year 2016 to all. It shows lots of heart in many forms, places, expressions, and times.

This time of year, people extend their hearts to others and they warm their own hearts at get-togethers, parties, religious celebrations, and charitable events. All look forward to the joy of doing things outside normal daily activities. December is replete with opportunities to pause and feel and be—many wonderful activities that warm and nourish. Continue reading

Smiling Heart

SmilingHeartWithGlow This blog took a brief vacation, since Thanksgiving. It needed rest. I needed a rest, too. But it’s back—and I am, too.

The most recent heart-filled memory that clearly stays with me is a wonderful smile I saw from a distance. I was trotting along on my rounds the day after Thanksgiving, walking as fast as I could in a new and unfamiliar location. A kind driver paused his vehicle to yield the right of way to me on the street. He donned a very pleasant smile as he motioned for me to move ahead while he waited for me to pass by. He was generous in more ways than one—he enabled me to keep up my brisk waking pace, and he shared a smile that lifted my heart. I can picture his smile in my mind at this very moment—it makes my heart smile now.  Continue reading

Gobble Gobble and the Heart

gratefulheartToday is Thanksgiving in the United States. What a time of gratitude and feast!

My heart is telling me it is very grateful—it cannot be too grateful. But it is also warning me that I can have too much feast. It doesn’t want me to gobble gobble food down and stress it and my other vital organs. I have been eating wisely for a long time now—it’s no time to do the opposite.  Continue reading