I feel my heart beating sometimes. That’s normal I am told, and lots of people feel their hearts beating, too. But sometimes my heartbeat pounds—not fast, but harder or stronger. Sometimes, that’s called heart palpitations.

HeartHammerRecently, I asked a trusted doctor why I occasionally feel my heart beating and why it seems to pound sometimes, too. He told me most people have a normal, strong beating heart—one of more than 600 muscles in the body. He reminded me that many scientists consider the heart one of the strongest human musclesContinue reading

Medications and Supplements and the Heart

Everything we eat and drink affects the body—and it ultimately affects heart and health.

PillHeartMedications and supplements can produce dramatic changes, so it is good to ask trusted healthcare professionals questions about them. It also helps to read labels and package inserts before we start taking these pills, capsules, powders, and other itemsContinue reading