Heart Blog

HeartBlogI have been thinking a lot about heart topics lately. So many aspects of heart have value. We can’t have life without heart in all its forms—the vital cardiac pump, the love and care among us, and the many expressions of centeredness.

For inspiration and guidance, I read other blogs for their authors’ thoughts on things related to heart. Several resonate with me, and one stands out—the Dr. John M Blog at drjohnm.org. It is written by Doctor John Mandrola, a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist in Louisville, Kentucky. He diagnoses and treats people with heart rhythm disorders. And he has a special connection to them—he has a heart rhythm issue, too. Continue reading

Heart Information

InternetFullOfHeartInformationThe Internet is chock-full of information about the human heart. It offers an ever-growing body of content that explores heart health, disease, structure, rhythm, and other topics. It is important to be cautious and not believe everything presented online: some sites contain reliable information and some do not.  Continue reading

Medications and Supplements and the Heart

Everything we eat and drink affects the body—and it ultimately affects heart and health.

PillHeartMedications and supplements can produce dramatic changes, so it is good to ask trusted healthcare professionals questions about them. It also helps to read labels and package inserts before we start taking these pills, capsules, powders, and other itemsContinue reading