A Heart-Filled Meeting

HeartsInChairsIn my most recent article, I mentioned I would soon attend a meeting and contribute to it. It took place a few weeks later, and I joined in with enthusiasm and high hopes. I’m delighted to report my interest was shared by many others and my optimism was far exceeded. It was a wonderful, heart-filled event! Continue reading

Heart and Music

PhillyPOPSpicThis holiday season has uplifted me. It fed the stuff of my soul. Now, as I resume my usual day-to-day activities without lights and bells and gift-giving, I’ve been pondering heart-filled experiences I’ve enjoyed recently.

One was participating in several meetings with caring professional people who work tirelessly to ensure our country is safe and protected from things that can cause harm. It’s rewarding to contribute my efforts to this brilliant and dedicated group—it brought music to my heart. Continue reading

Take Heart

elderlyWomanToday I saw an intriguing online article title: Seniors Tell Medical Students What They Need From Doctors. Immediately, I thought “It’s about time!”

I paused my work, read the article, and was inspired by its story. A small group of people in their 90s went to a medical school to teach a class of second-year students. The elders were acknowledged—medical people finally listened. The future doctors were inspired—their teachers were persuasive.  Continue reading

Heart Listening

This morning, I stopped to ask a question while I ran an errand. Just a quick question—that’s what I thought.

I asked for some papers I need later this month. My request seemed reasonable, but I received an unexpectedly terse response. “You don’t need that!” I was surprised and gently asked “Why?”

That question “unlocked the door,” unleashing the other person’s frustrationContinue reading