Heart-Filled Holiday

Flower-FilledHeartToday is Easter and it’s been a heart-filled day.

It started early but it was surprisingly easy to wake up in the wee hours this morning. I had something great to look forward to—glorious singing with my choir sisters and brothers. We sang familiar Broadway songs to accompany our church service centered around the Jesus Christ Superstar musical. It was inspiring and joyous. Continue reading

Heart and Music

PhillyPOPSpicThis holiday season has uplifted me. It fed the stuff of my soul. Now, as I resume my usual day-to-day activities without lights and bells and gift-giving, I’ve been pondering heart-filled experiences I’ve enjoyed recently.

One was participating in several meetings with caring professional people who work tirelessly to ensure our country is safe and protected from things that can cause harm. It’s rewarding to contribute my efforts to this brilliant and dedicated group—it brought music to my heart. Continue reading

Heart Healing

WoundedHeart2All of us experience the “slings and arrows” and “bullets” life sometimes sends our way. Our hurts are not always physical—we feel real emotional pain sometimes. That is true for everyone, and it has always been thus.

No one escapes disappointments—job-loss sadness, job-seeking struggles, lost health, or friendship, or love are just a few. When life fails our expectations, our hearts can ache. Really bad! Sometimes it even feels like these situations blast holes in the heart.  Continue reading

Midges and Heart

I sing in a choir and that brings me great happiness. It’s a delight to meld our voices together in moving words and tones.

Singing with my choir sisters and brothers often makes my heart leap with joy, especially when we sing Antonin Dvorak’s music. This 19th century classical composer created glorious melodies with rhythms expressive of folk traditions in his Czechoslovakian homeland.  Continue reading