Spring Breezes and My Heart

BreezesOfSpringAndBloodSpring weather is in the air. And spring breezes lift me as they softly waft around me.

I’m so glad it’s spring—it buoys my entire person, especially my heart. The warmth of the sun and the greening of the trees and all of nature are glorious, but spring breezes bring me the most delightful sensations and blessings. They help me feel light and strong and sustained and I especially relish those feelings. Continue reading

Heart of the Forest

ForestCleanToday is a rainy, cloudy day. I have been hunkering down inside most of the day, thinking and writing. This afternoon, I paused and glanced up at a special picture on the living room wall. It is a black and white photograph of Dad standing in an old growth forest in Michigan more than 50 years ago. To me, it is a beautiful and truly meaningful photo. Immediately I thought I would title it “Heart of the Forest.”  Continue reading

Midges and Heart

I sing in a choir and that brings me great happiness. It’s a delight to meld our voices together in moving words and tones.

Singing with my choir sisters and brothers often makes my heart leap with joy, especially when we sing Antonin Dvorak’s music. This 19th century classical composer created glorious melodies with rhythms expressive of folk traditions in his Czechoslovakian homeland.  Continue reading