Heart Expressions

CandyHeartsFor months now, I have been more aware of things around me related to heart. That includes heart pictures, art, and candy hearts, and thinking about the cardiac pump that keeps me going, too.

I am also more responsive when people say things about the heart. The words touch my ears more than ever before. One recent statement I heard was “The heart of the matter is . . .” That reminded me that the concept of heart as center permeates today’s thinking. We say “heart” to describe things near and dear—happiness, love, safety. The person was talking about something truly important to him. Continue reading

Heart-Filled Memories

IRememberDadHeartToday, for no-particular reason, I started thinking about dear people who have given me heart-filled gifts of learning. One was Dad. He was a teacher by profession, a leader by nature, and a life-long supporter of learning—and he walked the talk.

In his more than 90 years, Dad never stopped learning—and his example inspired many. He celebrated, promoted, and advocated continuous learning/schooling for everyone—everyone was blest by his enthusiasm for education. Continue reading

Talking Heart

WouldYouPuhleeze2Once in a while, I wonder what parts of my body would say if they could speak words ears can hear. When I exercise hard, I know my muscles would definitely object. After jogging hard on an elliptical machine, my legs would surely speak. Me and everyone around me would hear a loud “Ouch!” —and maybe more.

If I drank too much, my liver would beseech “Please stop drinking!” If I walked the entire Appalachian Trail, my feet would scream “We hurt!” before going speechless and numb. Continue reading

Chocolate Heart

MuellerChocolateHeart2Without intentionally looking, I regularly find heart in unexpected places. My most recent unusual heart discovery was chocolate hearts. This past December, while visiting the renown Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia with family, we strolled past the Mueller Chocolate Company. In business since 1980, they make and sell a “full line of anatomically correct body parts”—including chocolate hearts. Continue reading