A Heart-Filled Meeting

HeartsInChairsIn my most recent article, I mentioned I would soon attend a meeting and contribute to it. It took place a few weeks later, and I joined in with enthusiasm and high hopes. I’m delighted to report my interest was shared by many others and my optimism was far exceeded. It was a wonderful, heart-filled event!

Delightfully, many more people attended than were expected. So, we moved it down the hall to a larger room, along with lots of tables and chairs. Soon, seats were occupied and people welcomed each other.

As chairs filled, we immediately started sharing our thoughts and ideas. All were glad to be there and eager to explore the topic.

After a few minutes of growing conversation, I remember hearing the suggestion maybe we should wait for the scheduled start time. That’s a rare experience—a group excited to dive in, but I’m glad we paused and waited. It would have been odd to explain as people showed up on time with the meeting underway.

The topic was heart. Literally. We met and talked about our hearts—how they function and can malfunction—and ways to have healthy hearts.

The atmosphere was warmly accepting and supportive. As people sat attentively listening to the moderator share insightful facts and ideas, they realized questions were welcomed. Many were asked, and they generated even more discussion and sharing.

Before we knew it, it was time to call it a night and haul the tables and chairs back down the hall, with our hearts and heads full of new shared insight about ways to love our hearts.

It would be great to learn about your heart-filled meeting.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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