Mondays and Heart

HoldingGoodThingsSignIt’s Monday and I always feel kinda different on this day that starts the work week. It’s taken lots of determination over the years to head into this series of school or work days with heart and enthusiasm. A long time ago, I realized it requires me to have a productive attitude, positive intention, and somewhat of a plan, too.

Over many years of getting up Monday mornings, I’ve slowly adopted and gently implemented an optimistic approach. It’s like donning a reinforcing layer of “muscle” to meet and greet the week. Of course it helps to eat breakfast, clean up, and get dressed and ready to head out (even to the living room computer desk) for the day.

Another thing I use to head into the week is having something to look forward to. To me, it’s my reward for working hard. My “prize” might be very small, like a church, medical, or blogger meeting I’m looking forward to, or large like a planned vacation.

Some Mondays, it’s as simple as delight about skipping a week of mowing the lawn. It’s marvelous to know I’ll be able to sit in the porch rocker and put my feet up for a while. Gosh, sometimes I just look forward to beautiful weather ahead. Other Mondays, I’m excited about others’ upcoming events, milestones, and celebrations—great fodder for a happy week for me.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll join a group of enthusiastic people for an important meeting where I can contribute my efforts to make it as productive as possible. I believe we’ll contribute to helping people save lives. That’s heartening to look forward to!

How and where do you find heart for Mondays?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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