Cinco de Mayo with Heart

May2016CalendarOleToday I’m celebrating this holiday few know why we celebrate. When I checked online, I learned it acknowledges the 1862 Mexican Army victory over occupying French military forces—a turning point for the Mexican people. Cinco de Mayo celebrates human liberation—freedom.

Today I’m also celebrating spring, sunshine, and good health—wonderful gifts to acknowledge in life. It can be easy to take them for granted. Living in gratitude as much as possible focuses me on being in the beautiful moment, smiling inside and out, and living in kindness.

Things I do each day for my health include exercise, avoiding unhealthy foods, eating an apple, and focusing on food with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. I’m kind to me when I choose food with minimum starch, sugar, and artificial ingredients. That’s not always easy, but I can make these choices for my heart and me.

I also participate in yoga weekly and frequently attend events where I enjoy the company of others living positive lives. I thrive on festivals, celebrations, educational presentations—occasions that uplift and enlighten.

Actively participating in weekly offerings with my sisters and brothers in my congregation is also a priority. I sing in the choir, help lead services, and join in our efforts to be there for each other in challenging times. Our faith family regularly reaches beyond our walls and membership to serve others. We are a radically welcoming spiritual community—a source of ongoing personal and mutual support.

Sometimes I wonder how my life and heart would be if my focus was less positive and purposeful. How do you focus your life for you and your heart?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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