Hydration and the Heart

HeartDrinkingWaterStaying hydrated is essential. I discovered that firsthand at a choir event after drinking nothing that morning. Unfortunately, I had no sense of thirst, so I passed on my usual breakfast cup or two of tea or large glass of flavored water. Instead, I ate yogurt, fruit, and a muffin.

While driving to the meeting, I felt odd—weakness and dizziness came over me.

Normally, I try to fight off these crummy feelings with resolve and rest—I sit and focus on feeling better.

When I arrived, I didn’t sit and resolve didn’t work.

As the choir assembled, I leaned with my eyes closed and my back against the wall. Someone tried crawling past me to get to a seat beyond. It wasn’t easy, so he got close to my face and gently asked me to move. My only response was “I don’t feel well.” I knew immediately I must do something other than sing with the choir.

I wobbled to a corner of the room, plopped down, and put my feet up. I really wanted to lay down. A choir friend/EMT came over to check on me. I felt thready and I guess my pulse did too.

Eventually I had the presence of mind to ask for water.  I sipped it slowly and rested while the choir sang. They sounded glorious!

After a half hour and many sips of water, I started feeling better and seeing straight. The wobbliness slowly dissipated. After an hour, I began to feel my usual self—the yukky feelings were gone. Whew!

That experience taught me I must regularly drink fluids to take care of me and my heart. They won’t abide otherwise.

What do you know about hydration and your heart?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan


2 thoughts on “Hydration and the Heart

  1. Ms. Maggie July 20, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    I totally agree that hydration, which used to be walking by the town water pump or water fountains in the town square or even the schools when we were young, was easier to employ. But now we must add them even if it seems that timing spoils our work. Drink (water) and be merry!!!


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