Heart-Filled Holiday

Flower-FilledHeartToday is Easter and it’s been a heart-filled day.

It started early but it was surprisingly easy to wake up in the wee hours this morning. I had something great to look forward to—glorious singing with my choir sisters and brothers. We sang familiar Broadway songs to accompany our church service centered around the Jesus Christ Superstar musical. It was inspiring and joyous.

Our congregation offered two services, enabling everyone to celebrate this beautiful day and each other. Our choir sang the wonderfully upbeat songs twice and some more-talented singers delivered amazing solos worth hearing again.

After the first service, we greeted and hugged each other at a fruit and muffin brunch. Lots of love and care was shared—food for body and spirit.

Afterward, I came home and celebrated with a long spring’s nap—splendid—just what I needed. It felt good to slowly wake up and get back to the day.

I also went for a holiday walk. It was delightful to get much-needed exercise while I enjoyed flowers and trees abloom. Rain lightly fell, so I carried an umbrella as I briskly walked. A neighbor drove by and offered me a ride. That was kind and kinda funny. I declined and continued my exercise in the fresh air.

My sister called this afternoon to wish me a happy Easter and catch up on things. It was heartwarming to talk with her and learn about her holiday day, too. I look forward to seeing her soon to celebrate some family time.

It’s been a good day and a great Easter—a heart heart-filled holiday.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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