Heartfelt Sunshine and Other Things

HeartHappyWithSunshineIt’s a wonderfully warm and sunny spring day. The sun is shining brightly, in stark contrast to the cloudy overcast days of winter. Today, I did my walking rounds luxuriating in sunshine. It uplifted me. As I walked, I sensed all of me benefited immensely from the sun’s warm rays—mind, body, and spirit. It felt good for my heart, too.

HappyHeartAndDarknessSince returning home, I’ve been thinking about other simple things that boost my health and happiness. Interestingly, the first one that came to mind was darkness—in stark contrast to today’s sunshine. The absence of light allows me to get the rest I need. I fall asleep much faster and for longer laying my dark bedroom at day’s end. Restful sleep enables me to recover from the hustle, bustle, and stress of life, and darkness leads me to it.

HappyHeartAndThermometerWarmth also feels great. My body easily relaxes in a warm room or outside on a warm day. My muscles stretch and move better in a warm environment. It’ great to sit outside on a nice warm day or perch near a glowing fire on a cold day.

HappyHeartAndThermometerColdSurely cold is good for me, too. Frigid temperatures tense my muscles, but they tone them, too. My heart gets a more strenuous workout when I walk on brisk, nippy days—it pumps harder to keep me and my circulation going.

HappyHeartAndBreezeAnother thing that comes to mind is a gently breeze—fresh air. I enjoy the refreshed touch of a light wind. It makes the air feel alive, and me, too.

These things are good for all of me—and especially my heart. Please share something you know is good for all of you—especially your heart.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan


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