Beating Heart

SAsndAVNodesMy blog has taken a three-week vacation and I have, too. It took me with it, willingly or not!

It’s a blessing my heart keeps steadily beating—the alternative would have been dire. But my heart-brain writing connection decided it needed time off and it just took it. I didn’t consciously consider taking a writing break and granting myself permission—my blogging spirit just up and rested.

But my heartbeat kept going.

Thinking about that spell of time gives me renewed appreciation for my heart. Everyone on this planet goes along day after day and night after night, moving and doing, rarely aware of the pumping muscle within sustaining life.

What a gift—such a unique blessing. The beating human heart—nothing we can take credit for.

Sometimes I feel my heart beating—it reminds me it’s there steadfastly doing its duty. During those times, I might experience a moment of appreciation for its continuous work. But it’s just a moment in a day full of moments I wonder how much I value. Am I spending time and heart beats on what’s important to me or just going through motions of habit and experience? That’s a good question.

I am sure my heart beats with meaningful intention. The unacknowledged and silent sinoatrial (SA) node and the atrioventricular (AV) node purposefully program every precious beat. Their steadiness keeps my heart going. And that seems to create rhythm for my life, too. One step after another. One thought after another. One action after another. One moment of being after another. My beating heart—I am blest!

Please share what you know about your beating heart.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan


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