My Moods and My Heart

HappyAndSadHeartsI have been wondering what laughter and sadness—up and down moods—can do to my heart. My emotions surely affect my heart in ways that are good, or maybe not so good. I’ve always assumed that positive moods help my heart and negative moods hurt it. But, I decided to look online for enlightenment about moods and heart health.

One surprise was finding Laughter Online University. I love the site name! It explains that laughing helps blood vessel function by stretching the vessels with increased blood flow—keeping the circulation flexible and increasing oxygen in the blood. After reading that, I plan to see more funny movies and read more comical writing. Continue reading

Heart-Filled Memories

IRememberDadHeartToday, for no-particular reason, I started thinking about dear people who have given me heart-filled gifts of learning. One was Dad. He was a teacher by profession, a leader by nature, and a life-long supporter of learning—and he walked the talk.

In his more than 90 years, Dad never stopped learning—and his example inspired many. He celebrated, promoted, and advocated continuous learning/schooling for everyone—everyone was blest by his enthusiasm for education. Continue reading