Heart Sparkle

SnowOnSunMy heart and I had a sparking experience recently.

As I sat on the sofa tackling the mound of daily email, I was suddenly distracted by something happening outside my living room window. The sky was bright and sunny, but that wasn’t the distraction.

It was snowing , too.

Wow! The view of big, white snowflakes falling gently through the sunny sky was amazing—and mesmerizing. At first, I didn’t trust what I was seeing, so I rubbed my eyes and blinked several times. But it was real! For a long time, I sat there just taking in the scene.

It was thrilling. After a while, my eyes closely followed large individual snowflakes as they meandered their way to the ground. Several times, I looked for shadows on the ground to be sure it really was sunny outside.

What a marvelous pause. I am so grateful I stopped to look—it was a blessing to take it in.
The experience was similar to watching rain falling through sunshine, and for me, that is rare. But then, I always have stopped to look for a rainbow, and sometimes strained to find a second reflected rainbow, too.

The other day, it didn’t occur to me to run outside and look for a snowbow. Maybe this snow shower could produce the same effect—reflecting and dispersing sunlight in all its colors. I was too taken by seeing snow falling through sunlight to consider looking for a snowbow.

It’s a gift to escape the usual stuff of my life to enjoy unique, heart-sparking experiences like seeing snow falling on a sunny day.

What makes your heart sparkle?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

2 thoughts on “Heart Sparkle

  1. Ms. Maggie February 23, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    We got a limitless snow out here in the west too. I took a quick and shared it. Lots of comments on it being special too. Lucky you to see the small wonders that present to all of us but only a few see it.


  2. SusanU February 24, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    Ms. Maggie, it’s good to appreciate snow. It’s something not commonly occurring in my neck of the woods. It’s also important but not always easy to pay attention to the small wonders of life.


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