Valentine’s Day Heart

HappyValentinesDay2Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s been great!

I shared food, fellowship, and hugs with people dear to me. And I spent time outside enjoying the sunshine, attended a delightful yoga session, sang lovely songs, and even luxuriated in a long winter’s nap—all of it wonderful.

Now the day’s ending and I’ve been thinking about expectations for holidays. Lots of what comes to mind is influenced by the media blitz surrounding these special days. Radio and television ads, newspaper and storefront advertising, and email and snail-mail shouting about everything we “must have” for an appropriate holiday experience. This Valentine’s Day is no exception. I feel somewhat drowned in pink and red and diamond jewelry holiday promotion.

And I recall seeing a small group of earnest people battered by cold wind, standing at a roadside table earlier this week, trying to sell Valentine’s Day gift baskets. My heart went out to them. The weather was frigid, and I could see they and their baskets struggled to endure.

Each holiday, pensive thoughts come to my mind as the day comes and goes. It’s one day and the hype is gone before the sun rises again. All the material stuff fades—the food and gifts and decorations—but kindnesses and acts of service stay and stay and stay with me. Recollections of time spent with friends and family and doing helpful things with loved ones remain treasured memories.

Today I hauled chairs, set up tables, and moved dishes of food for a large group of people. It wasn’t work—it was rewarding to be there with and for others—a real gift.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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