Heart Expressions

CandyHeartsFor months now, I have been more aware of things around me related to heart. That includes heart pictures, art, and candy hearts, and thinking about the cardiac pump that keeps me going, too.

I am also more responsive when people say things about the heart. The words touch my ears more than ever before. One recent statement I heard was “The heart of the matter is . . .” That reminded me that the concept of heart as center permeates today’s thinking. We say “heart” to describe things near and dear—happiness, love, safety. The person was talking about something truly important to him.

Another statement I heard just yesterday was “She wears her heart on her sleeve.” I know it means a person fully expresses feelings—without hesitation. It speaks volumes about freely given, genuine emotion—openly shown happiness, sadness, and other emotions. The person mentioned in this conversation is someone dearly loved by many. It warms my heart to think about the gift she is to the world.

WarnsCocklesOfTheHeartAnd there’s another heart expression. “warms my heart” is another statement I hear and use. It’s a “shorthand” statement for “warms the cockles of the heart.” It’s an old-fashioned saying describing something that brings the glow of pleasure, happiness, and affection. Cockles are a heart-shaped mollusk. The shape and spiral ribs of the heart’s ventricles reminded long-ago doctors of valves in a cockle. Or the saying might be part of the English translation of the ancient Latin words for the ventricles of the heart—cochleae cordis—the first word translated as cockles.

There are many more statements that include the word “heart.” Please share one with meaning for you.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan


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