Talking Heart

WouldYouPuhleeze2Once in a while, I wonder what parts of my body would say if they could speak words ears can hear. When I exercise hard, I know my muscles would definitely object. After jogging hard on an elliptical machine, my legs would surely speak. Me and everyone around me would hear a loud “Ouch!” —and maybe more.

If I drank too much, my liver would beseech “Please stop drinking!” If I walked the entire Appalachian Trail, my feet would scream “We hurt!” before going speechless and numb.

Today I’ve been pondering what my heart would say. For a long time, I’ve known it often speaks without words. Sometimes it makes palpable “noise” by beating fast, hard, or in odd rhythms. And sometimes it leaps with joy or aches with sadness, but I wonder what words it might utter.

If my heart had a real voice, what would it tell me?

Perhaps it would have lots to say. I can imagine it asking “Do you know I beat every day all day?” And saying “I am muscle, so I need exercise—get off the sofa and get moving!” Or acknowledging “Thank you for walking fast to keep me fit.”

When I am physically, mentally, and emotionally tired, surely my heart would gently murmur a single word—“Thanks” after I settle down for a long night’s sleep. Perhaps a medical provider listening with a stethoscope might hear it quietly whisper “Hello” between beats.

If my heart waxed philosophical, it might declare—“Puh leeze take care of me so I can take care of you!” I would benefit greatly from that sage input.

What would your heart say?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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