Heart and Fitness

HeartAndFitnessCLEANI know my heart and fitness are completely entwined. It’s abundantly clear to me that taking care of one takes care of the other; neglecting one neglects the other.

My life experiences continue to expand my awareness of the oneness of both. I am becoming increasingly convinced that I cannot make the most of my heart health and my fitness by myself—I know I need others to support my efforts to boost them.

Friends and family who continually share their successes and struggles shore up our common health resolve. Loved ones are essential along my lifelong path to health and fitness.

Organized opportunities also enhance my fitness and health. Membership in the WellStar Good Life Club offers a steady supply of information and exercise opportunities at little or no cost—a great investment. Twice-weekly WellStar Heart Fit strength and cardiovascular exercise sessions give me hour-long cardiovascular and strength training guided by exercise physiology experts—my fitness heroes. Gentle yoga once a week is a physical and emotional delight.

My medical and dental health providers are rock star supporters of my heart and fitness. These talented professionals consistently work with me to maximize my heart and fitness. I am eternally grateful for their dedicated efforts. I am blest by them.

Today I plan to do a test I found online that indicates my heart and overall fitness. I will walk briskly without stopping for at least six minutes. If I can do that without becoming short of breath, it will show me that I have a healthy heart and good fitness. That will be reassuring. Please tell me about who and what supports your heart and fitness.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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