Chocolate Heart

MuellerChocolateHeart2Without intentionally looking, I regularly find heart in unexpected places. My most recent unusual heart discovery was chocolate hearts. This past December, while visiting the renown Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia with family, we strolled past the Mueller Chocolate Company. In business since 1980, they make and sell a “full line of anatomically correct body parts”—including chocolate hearts.

Their onsite kitchen creates a variety of chocolate human organs, such as kidneys, brains, livers, eye, and lungs, too. These confections present their humorous “studies in anatomy.” It was a hoot and a joy to see these unique sweet offerings in the display cases. I wondered why and how they thought of these special candy treats. But knowing that creativity has no limits, I decided the why and how didn’t matter.

Feeling inspired, I tried to take a picture of one of the chocolate hearts, but the glare of the glass, the lights, and the wrapping obscured it. I felt disappointed after viewing my photographic attempts. But this morning, I was delighted to find this great picture of a Mueller Chocolate Company heart online.

It is good to know that heart is valued by many people in many ways. Each reminds me that heart is essential and important in all its forms. I found heart-filling warmth with family finding chocolate hearts while walking to exercise my heart in a market in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love.  It inspired me to continue keeping my eyes, mind, and heart open to finding other new and inspiring heart experiences. I wonder what heart-related things I will see in the future. Please share unique forms of heart you’ve discovered.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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