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HeartBlogI have been thinking a lot about heart topics lately. So many aspects of heart have value. We can’t have life without heart in all its forms—the vital cardiac pump, the love and care among us, and the many expressions of centeredness.

For inspiration and guidance, I read other blogs for their authors’ thoughts on things related to heart. Several resonate with me, and one stands out—the Dr. John M Blog at drjohnm.org. It is written by Doctor John Mandrola, a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist in Louisville, Kentucky. He diagnoses and treats people with heart rhythm disorders. And he has a special connection to them—he has a heart rhythm issue, too.

His insight is deep and thoughtful. He speaks to what’s good, wise, and sensible in a given situation, not what’s expedient or a group-think approach. One of his recent articles stands out in my memory. In it, he observed that some practitioners in the medical community function with hubris. Merriam-Webster explains that means exaggerated pride self-confidence. I remember Dr. John strongly advocating against that. He wants medical providers to work with patients in shared-humanity and equal importance. That approach is dear to me.

The best medical people I have known are very human folks. They relate to me and others as equals—they are generously willing to share their special knowledge and capabilities to help me get and keep myself well. They insist we work together with shared responsibility to meet my medical needs. We partner for my health—without hubris.

I plan to continue reading the Dr. John M blog to build my heart and hope for health. What enables you to build heart? Please let us know.

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