Heart and Music

PhillyPOPSpicThis holiday season has uplifted me. It fed the stuff of my soul. Now, as I resume my usual day-to-day activities without lights and bells and gift-giving, I’ve been pondering heart-filled experiences I’ve enjoyed recently.

One was participating in several meetings with caring professional people who work tirelessly to ensure our country is safe and protected from things that can cause harm. It’s rewarding to contribute my efforts to this brilliant and dedicated group—it brought music to my heart.

Another has been extended visits with members of my family. We’ve enjoyed each other’s presence and care, and shared food, song, discussion, stories, and other stuff of life. Our time together has recharged me with caring connection—it brought more music to my heart.

One of the most heart uplifting experiences was attending a holiday concert with family. This special event was presented by the Philly POPS orchestra and chorus—it was grace-filled and inspiring. It included carols, classics, and international music. Listening to the wonderfully professional singing and playing of strings, horns, drums, keyboards, and other instruments was basking in bliss and reveling in waves of beautiful sound. The glorious melodies and harmonies gave me chills—they brought music to my heart.

I shared New Year’s Eve and the first day of the new year with a special friend who came a long way to be with me. We spent time just talking, being, and sharing. And we listened to music, shopped, ate in restaurants, and watched movies. Our time together brought some of the best music to my heart.

What brought music to your heart this holiday season?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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