Time Change and the Heart

HeartWithClockHandsThe weather is very nippy now and daylight seem more brief. That makes me wonder what effect daylight saving time changes has on the heart. I don’t know if the heart works harder or it’s refreshed by these clock adjustments that direct our days. So, I went to my trusty source for information that might be accurate or might not be accurate—the Internet. And I looked up “less daylight and the heart” and “daylight saving time and the heart.” Here’s what I found.

Not many organizations share information about this on the Internet. An article on the CBS television network site stated the overall number of heart attacks didn’t change with daylight saving time changes. Another article at mercola.com, a natural health organization’s website article explained cardiac function can be sensitive to sudden changes in wake-sleep rhythms and hours of sleep. These were Interesting observations, but I decided to try to dig a bit deeper and checked out the WebMd and the American Heart Association websites, too.

WebMD had an article about a study that reported people had more heart attacks the Monday after setting their clocks ahead in the spring and fewer heart attacks the Monday after setting their clocks back an hour in the fall. They opined that getting “an extra hour of sleep” during fall and winter standard time might help heart function and “getting an hour less of sleep” during spring and summer time might stress the heart.

I couldn’t find anything about this topic in the American Heart Association website, but it indicated that changing the clock an hour disrupted sleep and body clocks must adjust to that. What do you know about time changes and your heart?

RedHeartClosingSymbol  Susan

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