Heart at Holiday Time

December2015HeartCalendarIt is late December and the world is decorated with lights, wreaths, and boughs of holly. It’s also dressed up with menorah candles, Yule logs, and Kwanzaa decorations—in it’s in its best attire for the holidays. Soon it will bring in the new year with snow and signs blazing Happy New Year 2016 to all. It shows lots of heart in many forms, places, expressions, and times.

This time of year, people extend their hearts to others and they warm their own hearts at get-togethers, parties, religious celebrations, and charitable events. All look forward to the joy of doing things outside normal daily activities. December is replete with opportunities to pause and feel and be—many wonderful activities that warm and nourish.

I plan to continue spending time with family, friends, and others who matter to me. That includes giving to others—opportunities to return many kindnesses I have received in my life. It is truly good to give and receive. They enable me to appreciate the common humanity of wants and needs. My life is very blest by graciously receiving love and care and generously giving it, too.

An example of heartfelt care I am honored to give is listening as a pastoral carelistener to people in my faith community. When they reach out for a listening ear, I offer a presence for them to freely express their strong feelings and life challenges. It is a blessing to listen to others and not burden them with my ideas and resolutions in return. Carelistening has wonderfully added enriching heart to my life this holiday time. Please share how you experience heart this holiday time—let us know how it makes your life richer.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

One thought on “Heart at Holiday Time

  1. Ms. Maggie January 5, 2016 / 11:52 am

    I went out of my way to extend my heart to a family member I had waited for to get some help but it did not work out. A bit a crack still left in my heart but one should always try. Sometimes we do not know how long our wishes will take; we cannot fathom time as God does. If they contact me, I will try to be open but change must happen for me to truly open my life to them. I wish everyone a happy new year and hope that everyone sees that not everything is resolved as quick as we like in our small human lives.


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