Finding Heart

PebbleHeartSince I started writing these blog articles, I see heart everywhere. Perhaps focusing on many meanings of heart makes me more sensitive and aware of its presence in the world. That’s a true blessing in my life.

Last week, I visited an elementary school and I saw a home-made heart mobile hanging from the ceiling in a classroom. It drew me toward it, and I admired the colorful paper heart shapes wafting in the air. It reminded me that all ages have heart.

A couple of days ago, I shopped at a small business and saw another expression of heart that buoyed my spirit. Someone had created a simple heart shape with pebbles on a plain, flat dish. The heart “sculpture” sat guard on a small table where many people pass by, giving its blessing to all. The person who created this gentle artwork surely knew how to grace people with this universal symbol. I am grateful I saw it and stopped to appreciate it.

Once in a while, I check my fitness wristband device to monitor my heartbeat. I suspect I also seek reassurance that my heart steadfastly beats in rhythm for me. Checking my pulse confirms this important automatic physical processes that support my life. If I need a reminder about where and how to find heart, I can simply check my pulse number with the wristband or gently touch my wrist.

I don’t plan on searching for other expressions of heart. They just seem to come to me and my awareness. Each is a gift—and a regular part of my life now. Where do you find evidence of heart in your life?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

2 thoughts on “Finding Heart

  1. Victoria December 14, 2015 / 6:56 pm

    Every time I interact with my 2 kitties, I think of what trusting hearts they both have. Their hearts are always open, and they expect everyone they encounter to be kind and loving to them.

    And I intend to ensure that they never know any different. That’s the least I can do for these gentle souls.


  2. SusanU December 15, 2015 / 8:00 am

    Victoria yes, they are like tiny babies who are guileless and open hearted. Thanks for sharing.


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