Anger and the Heart

AngryHeartLately, I have been hearing about how anger affects health. That got me wondering what it does to heart health.

I know anger can’t be eliminated from life, even though many of us would choose that. All of us feel frustration and irritation with the stuff of our lives. We get upset with slow traffic, actions of others, and other difficult circumstances. After reading information about this online I learned that anger is a normal emotion, but too much of it can be be harmful. Continue reading

A Broken Heart Can Kill

BrokenHeartOver the years, I have heard that a broken heart can be fatal. That is sad to know, so I want to learn more.

WebMD explains a condition called broken heart syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy. It results from the body’s response to severe stress or trauma. The condition resembles a heart attack so closely it is hard for anyone to tell the difference, but it can equally endanger life.  Continue reading

Gratitude and the Heart

gratefulheartI have been reading about gratitude. It has been a weak area for me for a while. I find myself quick to grouse and whine, so my personal antidote is learning new ways to boost my overall thankfulness. I need a more grateful heart.

Apparently, each year when fall arrives and some days are gloomy, I am too. I need to improve my gratitude attitude. Focusing significant energy there can lift my heart and my spirits back up to where I want them to be.  Continue reading