Gobble Gobble and the Heart

gratefulheartToday is Thanksgiving in the United States. What a time of gratitude and feast!

My heart is telling me it is very grateful—it cannot be too grateful. But it is also warning me that I can have too much feast. It doesn’t want me to gobble gobble food down and stress it and my other vital organs. I have been eating wisely for a long time now—it’s no time to do the opposite. 

So, I will partake of all the foods and goodies I see that seem scrumptious. But I am aware that a small amount of each can give me satisfaction. I don’t have to overdo it—no heaping piles of homemade mashed potatoes and stuffing. No multiple rounds of wine, cake, pie, and candy. Lots of love and hugs and conversation, but easy on heart-stressing foods.

I also plan to spend significant time just being. I need rest. Life has been too full and I am glad I have kept up with the stressful hectic pace, but it’s time to ratchet it down and give my person some quiet, still time. That is a high priority for me this Thanksgiving holiday. “They” say that turkey meat has lots of L-tryptophan, an amino acid that induces sleepiness. I won’t need to eat much turkey to get the effect. My eyes are kinda closing now as I write.

Today I am grateful for life and the opportunities it has given me. One of the important ones is this blog. I am surrounded by all things heart, and it is a blessing to write about them. Lord willin’ I can go on writing and sharing more with you. And yes, I am grateful for you, my readers. Happy Thanksgiving!

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

2 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble and the Heart

  1. Victoria November 26, 2015 / 5:05 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Susan!


  2. SusanU December 1, 2015 / 7:45 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving and everyday to you!


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