Heart Hurt

HeartHurtMy heart hurts. It has been aching the last few days—since terrorists attacked and killed innocent people in Paris, France. My heart feels the pain of humans’ inhumanity to humans.

Innocent people who were going about their business in public places were slaughtered for no reason that makes sense to me. It boggles my mind that members of our supposedly highly developed species demonize others and become hell-bent on destroying them. We are supposed to have evolved light years above animals, but I can’t think of any other species that intentionally terrorizes. 

I believe killing others who have no connection to a conflict is the most inhuman thing humans can do. And the idea that committing suicide in the act of taking lives sends one’s soul directly to a heaven or paradise defies understanding. All expressions of a higher power I am aware of promote compassion and non-violence. Yet we humans continue to murder in the name of a god or a religion.

I remember learning from my school days that more people have been murdered in the name of religion or a god than have been killed for any other reason. That reality has no place in what I know about religious belief.

So while I feel heartache, my mind is quietly seeking ways to counteract the violence. My saddened spirit tells me to promote love and peace in any way I possibly can—the opposite of terrorism and killing. It is my small statement of protest but I add it to the healing efforts of countless others who also do not accept violence. Please share how the Paris attacks affect your heart.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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