Gratitude and the Heart

gratefulheartI have been reading about gratitude. It has been a weak area for me for a while. I find myself quick to grouse and whine, so my personal antidote is learning new ways to boost my overall thankfulness. I need a more grateful heart.

Apparently, each year when fall arrives and some days are gloomy, I am too. I need to improve my gratitude attitude. Focusing significant energy there can lift my heart and my spirits back up to where I want them to be. 

An article I read recently explains how gratitude can do that for my heart, too. Positive attitude and thinking generated by gratitude enable the body to produce dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. All of them improve health and heart function. That’s wonderful news! I need those internal medications.

Another article I read states that gratitude can reduce stress. We know stress can be very hurtful to the heart. If gratitude can be an antidote to the stress of life, I can practice being grateful for is every heartbeat—the gift of life.

After many years of exploring life paths, I now dedicate personal energy to a part of my life that encourages me to be grateful—my faith community. It is a chosen family that nurtures and promotes gratitude in all members of the family. We come together for many important reasons, but a very important one is to celebrate things and experiences that inspire gratefulness. That heals and sustains my spirit and my heart. Please share what you know about gratitude and the heart.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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