Gobble Gobble and the Heart

gratefulheartToday is Thanksgiving in the United States. What a time of gratitude and feast!

My heart is telling me it is very grateful—it cannot be too grateful. But it is also warning me that I can have too much feast. It doesn’t want me to gobble gobble food down and stress it and my other vital organs. I have been eating wisely for a long time now—it’s no time to do the opposite.  Continue reading

Cold Weather and the Heart

SnowHeartBrrr! The weather is becoming brisk and fall chill is in the air. Winter is near! This change of season makes me wonder—how does my “ticker” respond to cold outdoor temperatures? I went online to find out. In a WebMD forum article, a cardiologist answered this question by stating “… cold, especially extreme cold, can affect the heart by constricting the coronary arteries, and overall stress from the cold may/can lead to symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).” Reading that made me want to bundle up in blankets.  Continue reading

Heart Hurt

HeartHurtMy heart hurts. It has been aching the last few days—since terrorists attacked and killed innocent people in Paris, France. My heart feels the pain of humans’ inhumanity to humans.

Innocent people who were going about their business in public places were slaughtered for no reason that makes sense to me. It boggles my mind that members of our supposedly highly developed species demonize others and become hell-bent on destroying them. We are supposed to have evolved light years above animals, but I can’t think of any other species that intentionally terrorizes.  Continue reading