Heart of the Forest

ForestCleanToday is a rainy, cloudy day. I have been hunkering down inside most of the day, thinking and writing. This afternoon, I paused and glanced up at a special picture on the living room wall. It is a black and white photograph of Dad standing in an old growth forest in Michigan more than 50 years ago. To me, it is a beautiful and truly meaningful photo. Immediately I thought I would title it “Heart of the Forest.”  Continue reading

Heart and Walking

HeartWithTennisShoesThis morning, I learned about a local upcoming Heart Walk sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA). What a great idea! It will raise awareness and funds to fight heart disease and stroke in America. Walkers and volunteers will get together in the local town square, and donors will participate through their contributions. All will join in one effort to help people live healthier lives. It is wonderful to combine healthy exercise with volunteer efforts and generous donor contributions for a great outcome.  Continue reading

Heart and Loss

SadHeartYesterday, I learned about a sudden and unexpected loss—a human loss—not a financial or material loss. It was a sad day. My heart ached.

It was also a day of realizing the fragility of life. It reminded me that as we live, we never truly know what will happen to us and those we care about. And it emphasized the reality that each day is a unique, valuable gift—it can’t be replaced.  Continue reading