A Child-Like Heart

BlissfulBabyCitedRecently, I heard someone use the term “child-like heart” and I pondered what that means.

After some quiet thinking, I realized a person’s heart is child-like when he or she is fully being, breathing, seeing, and feeling—wholly human. This state of existence reflects absolute innocence without self-centeredness. It’s just being—without motive or selfish intention. It’s life beaming outward without pulling anything inward. The spirit in a person with a child-like heart naturally glows.  Continue reading

Men’s Hearts and Women’s Hearts

ManWomanWithHeartsWe commonly know that smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, and poor fitness create higher likelihood for heart disease. They wear down the body and that wear often expresses as heart disease. Over previous generations, many believed these health problems occurred much more often in men than women, making men more hard-wired for heart disease.  Continue reading

Heart and Moving Experiences

MovingHeartThis past weekend, I had two experiences that moved me and my heart.

The first one was attending a memorial service for a young person who died much too early in his life. My heart was (and still is) moved by the genuine caring and kindness many people showed the grieving family. We couldn’t change their loss, but we could and did give them our presence, and tender, kind words, hugs, handshakes, and touches on the arm. We reached out to them the best way we knew—we were there for them. The service gave all of us safe and caring time and place to just be in the loss.  Continue reading