Heart of the Forest

ForestCleanToday is a rainy, cloudy day. I have been hunkering down inside most of the day, thinking and writing. This afternoon, I paused and glanced up at a special picture on the living room wall. It is a black and white photograph of Dad standing in an old growth forest in Michigan more than 50 years ago. To me, it is a beautiful and truly meaningful photo. Immediately I thought I would title it “Heart of the Forest.” 

Dad is standing tall among towering trees, admiring his surroundings. I can clearly see that the depth of the woods lifted his spirits. The photo shows his delight in being a forester—a scientist who studies trees. He passed along his wisdom and knowledge by teaching students how to manage our planet’s forests. He learned his life’s work from early American foresters and continued the legacy of tending our precious tree resources.

Seeing him admiring the forest truly inspires me. It lifts my soul and encourages me to use my God-given gifts and talents to benefit others and our world. Just like he did, generously and continuously. Following his example, doing things that enable me to express my passion for life, can bring me the joy and fulfillment I see in Dad proudly standing in the woods.

I have always felt a special connection to trees because they were important to Dad his whole life. To feel close to him, I imagine myself standing among the trees, right next to him. It is a precious uplifting image I can carry with me throughout my days. The heart of the forest is a blest place. What do you know about the middle of the woods?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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