Heart and Loss

SadHeartYesterday, I learned about a sudden and unexpected loss—a human loss—not a financial or material loss. It was a sad day. My heart ached.

It was also a day of realizing the fragility of life. It reminded me that as we live, we never truly know what will happen to us and those we care about. And it emphasized the reality that each day is a unique, valuable gift—it can’t be replaced. 

Today, I am still feeling sad and reflective, but I am also thinking about the meaning of the busyness of living. As I have been going about my day taking care of one chore or item after another on my mental to-do list, I am also wondering whether I am doing the really important things. Or am I just checking off endless details and “stuff?” I want to put my efforts into things that matter.

Loss is certainly an unwanted experience, but it also can give us the gift of perspective. I quietly ask myself “Do loved ones know I care?” “Am I doing things to help others and our planet?” “Am I focused on others as much as myself?”

It is vital to me to be able to honestly answer yes to these questions. At least most of the time.

I know none of us lives completely alone—life provides limitless opportunities to be present and caring, especially in times of loss. It consoles my heart to consider where I am in fulfilling my most essential mission—leaving the world and its inhabitants better off than they were before I was born. Will you share what you know about the heartache of loss?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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