Heart Sightings

HeartEyesWhen we keep our eyes in body and spirit open, we can see heart in our everyday lives.

I saw it twice this morning. As I power-walked the hilly streets in my neighborhood, I saw a neighbor watering plants in his yard. He wore old timey overalls with suspenders, and a big straw sunhat. He didn’t look up, so I paused. Watching him carefully guide the watering hose from plant to plant brought back dear memories.  Continue reading

Midges and Heart

I sing in a choir and that brings me great happiness. It’s a delight to meld our voices together in moving words and tones.

Singing with my choir sisters and brothers often makes my heart leap with joy, especially when we sing Antonin Dvorak’s music. This 19th century classical composer created glorious melodies with rhythms expressive of folk traditions in his Czechoslovakian homeland.  Continue reading

Heart Listening

This morning, I stopped to ask a question while I ran an errand. Just a quick question—that’s what I thought.

I asked for some papers I need later this month. My request seemed reasonable, but I received an unexpectedly terse response. “You don’t need that!” I was surprised and gently asked “Why?”

That question “unlocked the door,” unleashing the other person’s frustrationContinue reading