Heart Healing

WoundedHeart2All of us experience the “slings and arrows” and “bullets” life sometimes sends our way. Our hurts are not always physical—we feel real emotional pain sometimes. That is true for everyone, and it has always been thus.

No one escapes disappointments—job-loss sadness, job-seeking struggles, lost health, or friendship, or love are just a few. When life fails our expectations, our hearts can ache. Really bad! Sometimes it even feels like these situations blast holes in the heart. 

“Wounding” events come and go and we can let them burden our lives. But we are blessed by the ability to heal our hearts—we have to remember to use our personal remedies. They are our life gifts that soothe, bringing our heart-felt emotions back to health.

Writing is a gift that heals my heart. I love to write! Sometimes I create blog articles (like this one) or I compose explanations of concepts or processes. My writing shares “stories” with others, and that is powerfully curative. As I write this blog, my anxiety about upcoming events this week is melting away and my heart feels better.

Music is another gift that heals my heart. I thoroughly enjoy listening to music and singing it, too. Music is very therapeutic. It celebrates my heart-filling emotions through the notes I sing.

I am so glad I joined the church choir! The director and my fellow singers continually support me and improve my singing. And the piano and other accompaniment acts like a salve. Singing in the choir heals my heart in ways nothing else can.

What gifts bring you heart healing?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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