Things Good for the Heart

LaughingHeart2I had a good laugh today—one of the things good for the heart.

Some of life’s contradictions almost double me over in laughter, and one of them occurred today. 

I am preparing to attend a heart health meeting later this month, organizing myself and my thoughts for this wonderful opportunity. I am also enthusiastically spreading the word about it so many people can benefit from its support and resources.

Someone sent me an email inquiry about it this morning. She asked “Will they talk about defibrillators? If they will, I will attend because my church plans to install one soon.”

Heart health. Defibrillators. Opposite ends of a spectrum. What a contradiction!

I laughed heartily. They just don’t fit together in any way, shape, or form. We eat right, sleep enough, and exercise regularly for heart health. Defibrillators restart hearts that suddenly become very ill and quiver.

My email response mentioned that discussing cardiac defibrillators at a heart health meeting might scare the bejeepers out of everyone there. No, that topic won’t likely be covered.

This afternoon I paused my hectic day and pondered about contradictions that make me laugh, beauty that brings a big smile, and loving acts that make my soul beam. All of them are very good for the heart. We can’t experience too many of them!

It’s easy to get slogged down in the details of life—bills, chores, job (or job hunt)—all those things that “need doing” in our lives. It’s like candy for the heart to pause and appreciate funny contradictions, great beauty, and kind love. Please tell me what’s good for your heart.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

2 thoughts on “Things Good for the Heart

  1. Ms. Maggie September 24, 2015 / 6:12 pm

    I saw that our local high school teams now have cardiac defibs on the field and a mobile van is doing screenings for youth to find out who has undiagnosed heart disease so it the best of both worlds =nice! I see them as a sign of caring with all their gismos for the average person to save other average persons; we need not be scared of what life brings us and those we care about~


  2. SusanU September 24, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    Ms. Maggie, it is good to remember that marvelous modern technology helps us help each other, even when we do not have a medical degree. Thanks.


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