Heart Therapies

Just being alive causes stress—that’s not news to anyone.

HeartsAndTherapies2Stress from the stuff of life can show as worry, lost sleep, overeating, and smoking. These and other unhealthy habits can form when we try to loosening our uptightness. They do not serve heart—they cause heart dis-ease. 

I am not exempt from stress—I experience it just as everyone does. But lately I am more aware of how it can negatively affect my health. So I do things to be kind to my heart and become healthier.

Most importantly, I try to give up (most of my) excuses for living healthy. And now I regularly participate in several stress-relieving therapies—activities that benefit my heart and health.

These personal therapies provide heart-warming stress relief:

  • Yoga: Each week, I participate in a gentle yoga class where I focus on breathing and energizing my mind and body. It amazes me how much benefit yoga offers.
  • Meditation/Prayer: Daily, I pause for quiet time and go inward to reflect and pray in my own way. It relaxes and centers me, connecting heart and soul.
  • Walking: Each day, I power walk the hilly streets in my neighborhood to become stronger and calmer. It is a vital part of my daily routine for well-being.
  • Conversations: Regularly, I talk with friends and family to get to know them better. Listening is essential during this sharing time.
  • Faith community: Every week, I participate in a Sunday service, choir practice, and other activities with my congregational family. They greatly nurture my spirit.

My personal therapies relieve my stress—they serve my heart and my health. Please tell me about your therapies and what they do for you.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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