Heart and Labor

LaborWordWithHeartToday is Labor Day and I am thinking about this national holiday honoring all those who work. It reminds me of a statement in an August blog post: “I find heart admiring a job well done, fueled by the “labor” of love.”

I believe dedicated, freely given labor is an act of love. It shows lots of heart—in the sweat on the brow, the committed effort, and the results—significant accomplishment. 

Sometimes labor is physical—building a structure or sculpting the land. Sometimes it is mental—brainstorming a solution to a problem or challenge. Sometimes it is both, which describes much of the stuff of daily life.

Sometimes labor is parenting a child or children. I agree. People who work hard in family by marriage and birth or family by individual choice, perform a labor of love. This work has abundant heart—kindness and caring.

No parent I know keeps track of the physical and emotional labor of raising a child. No accounts logged and no bills delivered. Work parents do for their children comes from the heart. Isn’t it wonderful that parenting can focus on wants for the child’s future, not the daily efforts of parenting!

Labor Day began as an American holiday in the 1800s, when manual labor was the norm. Computers weren’t around to do any work. Today, the world has manual labor, mental labor, and labor that combines both. Some people say electronic device “labor” prevails in modern times. But it will never replace human labor and the heart it shows. What comes to mind when you think of heart and labor?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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