Heart in Nature

I noticed this extra beautiful day while driving this morning. The sun was radiant and a cool gentle breeze jiggled the leaves to keep everything comfortable. It’s rained a lot lately, so the grass and trees were sporting bright green foliage.

As I drove along, the clouds seemed to catch my attention. Most of the sky was clear and deep blue, but several clouds rose up like oddly-placed ginormous tall mushrooms growing from the horizon. The towering formations appeared to stand guard in just a few locations across the sky. I had to look twice, but the shape of a heart seemed to fill the center of one cloud column. It was almost startling to see the heart in the clouds. 

Before I could safely pull off the road and take a picture, the clouds morphed and the heart shape was gone. But I paused in the glow of the moment anyway—it was awesome to find heart in the sky. Memorable!

RockHeartPegCitationA dear friend of mine recently told me she collects heart-shaped rocks and she has been doing that for as long as she can recall. I called her this afternoon and shared my seeing heart-in-the-clouds experience. She reminded me about her heart rock collection. She celebrates a heart-felt moment every time she spots a heart-shaped rock. I asked her to send me a picture of one of her special rocks, and she sent me the picture that graces this article.

I am grateful she is happy to share one of her heart-shaped treasures—a reminder of heart in nature. Please tell me where you find heart in nature, so we can enjoy it too—like heart-shaped clouds and rocks.

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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