Heart History

Recently I discovered the Stanford University article titled A History of the Heart while browsing online. It fascinates me that the story of human heart is documented throughout history.

The article discusses the history of writings and illustrations of the heart from the fourth century B.C. through the seventeenth century A.D. It describes work done by fourth century B.C. philosopher Aristotle, who declared the heart the center of life energy in the body. In the centuries that followed, the heart was known to be the body organ that produced heat and served feeling, attracting, and thinking functions.   Continue reading

Take Heart

elderlyWomanToday I saw an intriguing online article title: Seniors Tell Medical Students What They Need From Doctors. Immediately, I thought “It’s about time!”

I paused my work, read the article, and was inspired by its story. A small group of people in their 90s went to a medical school to teach a class of second-year students. The elders were acknowledged—medical people finally listened. The future doctors were inspired—their teachers were persuasive.  Continue reading

Heart Healing

WoundedHeart2All of us experience the “slings and arrows” and “bullets” life sometimes sends our way. Our hurts are not always physical—we feel real emotional pain sometimes. That is true for everyone, and it has always been thus.

No one escapes disappointments—job-loss sadness, job-seeking struggles, lost health, or friendship, or love are just a few. When life fails our expectations, our hearts can ache. Really bad! Sometimes it even feels like these situations blast holes in the heart.  Continue reading

Heart Information

InternetFullOfHeartInformationThe Internet is chock-full of information about the human heart. It offers an ever-growing body of content that explores heart health, disease, structure, rhythm, and other topics. It is important to be cautious and not believe everything presented online: some sites contain reliable information and some do not.  Continue reading