Heart Areas

Now, where to begin a blog about heart. Seems daunting, doesn’t it?

Heart1Cropped Please know I am merciful. I already decided to not start by dragging out my aging, yellowed Merriam-Webster or Oxford book and impose dictionary definitions on you. Whew! I am sure you are relieved. But it is good to have an idea what “heart” means, so I see three essential heart areas to explore. 

The first, most obvious one is the physical heart—the organ that pumps blood endlessly through the body to sustain life. It includes heart anatomy, function, and everything else to know about this vital muscle.

The second area is heart healthcare—wellness and illness. It includes related topics, such as heart medicines, treatments, and research. Modern healthcare has created an enormous, growing body of knowledge in this area.

The third important area is the concept of heart. It includes feelings, emotions, and senses. We know this heart doesn’t have a physical presence—it lives in people’s thoughts and minds. Many believe it exists in the stuff of the universe. The concept of heart also includes the center of something, such as the heart of the city, which we experience in thoughts and words.

Other blogs about heart focus on one of these three areas. My blog includes all of them—they are all essential to me. My life includes a physical heart, heart healthcare, and lots of heart feelings and emotions. Please share your thoughts about my three identified heart areas. Do you agree, disagree, or see other areas?

RedHeartClosingSymbol Susan

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