Finding Heart

Inside the rib cage is not the only place to find heart. Heart also has other expressions in the world. It’s not only the pumping organ beating in the chest. Cardiac surgeons see that kind of heart every day. But all of us can experience many kinds of heart—heart in the moments of our existence. It is something we can’t directly touch, but “some thing” we clearly know is there. Our human experience enables us to find heart.

HeartAndGlobeHeart can be an emotional response that uplifts. It can also be a feeling of hope amid hopelessness. And it can be a rising of courage during difficulty.

When I have my senses open and my intuition on, I find heart. The heart evoked is nebulous—I can’t touch it or point to it, but I know it is there because I sense its warmth. This heart calls for celebration just by its nature.   Continue reading

Heart Parts

It is good to understand what the human heart looks like and how it functions. That makes it easier to take care of it and realize when it needs attention.

OutsideOfHeartDrawingThis essential muscle performs a life-sustaining job—endlessly pumping blood throughout the body.

Every part of the body uses and releases substances the blood carries:

  • Gasses, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Minerals, such as sodium and potassium
  • Fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Sugar, which is glucose

and other substances. Some things blood-transports are nutrients and some are waste products. Nutrients include glucose and waste products include carbon dioxide.  Continue reading